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The Lost Art of Confession

A safe space to share and take steps toward freedom.

It's Biblical

Confess one to another, for the prayer of a righteous person, has great power and authority to heal.

James 5:16

It's Scientific

The act of confession reshapes your brain by releasing oxytocin, which works to nullify the compulsive power of addiction.

It's Healthy

Writing or speaking about your secrets and hidden experiences is shown to benefit your mental and physical health, including better sleep, less stress, and mental clarity.

It's For Everyone

The average person has 13 secrets at any given time, 5 of which they've never told a soul (usually having to do with sexual deviance and lies).

Maybe you've never spoken about what happened. We invite you to let it out, seek next steps, and experience the freedom of confession here. 

*For participants 18+ years old only.
If you're not ready to speak to someone or share your contact information, simply write N/A.
I would like to connect to a REAL TALK team member to discuss next steps toward freedom.

Thanks for submitting! Our team will respond to your submission, if requested, shortly.

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