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Testimonials & Outcomes

Faith communities and organizations have experienced the life-long impact REAL TALK makes in Germany, Alaska, Chicago, Florida, Idaho, Arizona, New York, Ghana, Iran, Italy, Sierra Leone, Colorado, and more! Connect with us to learn how you can join the REAL TALK movement!

Women's Ministry Leader

"Real Talk opened a new line of communication and created a safe space to share and learn from each other. The Holy Spirit moved in powerful ways within our group. For me, the Holy Spirit revealed that I need to work on healing from the inside out so that I can help others in the same way. Working in ministry is rewarding but very hard. Through my experience, God has shown me my worth, restored my voice, and the gift of freedom in a place where I could be real." 

Ministry Leader

"The Foundation United is precious and valuable. God has made it clear to me again that there are no limits with Him. REAL TALK has been a deep experience We have seen how important it is to speak openly about everything. God's love is boundless and we were able to experience that. There are no barriers between us, either, although we live several kilometers apart and come from different cultures. God made it clear how much He loves me and what plan He has for me. He also gave me the gift of having brothers and sisters who love me all over the world. This is so enriching for my soul. I am looking forward to the future and am open to God's plan."

Youth Leader

"Our youth are hungry for a safe space to talk about the real struggles happening in their lives. They want to enter a church where they don't have to pretend they are perfect and can experience love, safety, and transparent leadership. They're dealing with profound issues, from grooming and pornography addictions to lack of hope and self-worth and much more. REAL TALK is the answer to this need."

REAL TALK Participant

"I was able to open up about feelings I had suppressed. I thought nobody would care or believe me, so having a group listen to me and allow me to share my true feelings about past traumas without judgment was an amazing experience I knew was only from God. There was so much unity in our group. I sensed God creating a safe space to be REAL, and being real is the first step towards freedom."

REAL TALK Participant

"If you are feeling alone, either because of past pain or your current struggle, you need people to share with who won’t try to fix or mollify you. Real Talk can be a great encouragement and a path to the next step forward in your walk toward personal wholeness and a healthy relationship with God. Our leader set the tone for vulnerability for the rest of us and it was inspiring to be invited into a group like that."

REAL TALK Private Pathways Participant

“Truly incredible!

I feel so different, and it was so simple! I was reminded that I don’t have to carry heavy burdens from my past. If I had known that stepping into freedom and encountering God was this “easy,” I would have done this so long ago! I feel like I got my innocence back.

The old me that I thought didn’t exist anymore is back! I had built so many walls to protect myself and I don't have to live that way anymore.”

REAL TALK 201Participant

"REAL TALK 201 confirmed what the LORD has been showing me. We need to know who we are in Christ and the authority we have. It IS possible to walk in freedom. Yes, we are always a “work in progress” but it doesn’t have to be years of work to get free. As God reveals areas to be addressed, we can call out the lies we have believed, repent, receive God’s forgiveness, rebuke the enemy and replace it with truth." 

Worship Pastor

"I had the amazing opportunity to be a part of the REAL TALK men's group. I wasn't sure what to expect.I learned a lot of things about myself I never really recognized which were affecting my life negatively. Past traumas, hurts, and life experiences were brought up that I never even considered or let myself think about. Through being willing to be open and put everything I had into this group, I have been able to overcome issues and experience growth in many areas of my life personally and even in my marriage. I’m so thankful for Elizabeth and the way she allows the Lord to use her and this program.

I was actually sad when our sessions ended because it was so fulfilling, but I have also been filled with excitement to step into all that God has for my life!"

Senior Pastor

"God is at work through REAL TALK! Lives are being impacted! The experience has brought healing, a closeness of believers, and is opening up doors of ministry that I never anticipated. The experience has deepened the relationship of our leaders and is allowing me to shepherd them at a deeper level."

Youth Leader

"As I was leading REAL TALK with our youth I could feel the Holy Spirit moving. Many teens shared that they had felt alone, or like no one could relate to them. They were so grateful to have our leaders facilitate REAL TALK with them because they felt seen and loved."

Associate Pastor

"I believe that this program is the missing link for the church. I have been in ministry for over 30 years and have led every area from children and youth, to young adults, seniors and everyone in between... I have seen again and again that life-controlling secrets and shame often stand between them and freedom. We have to have these hard conversations and offer a way for our congregations to heal and process. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I love that we are educating children and those who work with them on how to get help if they're unsafe. We haven't had a tool like this before and we are excited to embrace REAL TALK in our church."

Young Adults Leader

"This was a powerful experience for me. I highly recommend this program. It helped me analyze feelings I hadn't processed before and learn how to deal with them in a healthy way. I've used what I learned in all of my relationships, most importantly, my marriage. God really used my group to change my life. I think that, as men, we often believe discussing our experiences and emotions on a deeper level is only for women. That is a lie! My mind and perspective on that has been forever changed. REAL TALK has helped me become a healthier individual and opened my mind and heart to things that I never thought would be possible" 

Women's Ministry Leader

"I wish I could put into words the impact this has had on me. It was far beyond what I expected. I have gathered strength and courage to speak up for myself and tell my story. I feel more confident, courageous and honest. I didn’t even realize how much darkness I walked in until I stepped into the light after being a part of this."

Ministry Leader

"Through REAL TALK, secrets lost their power and true freedom began to take place with deeper and deeper sharing each week. I am so excited about this program, I believe it will help the Church to be more fully alive and fully merciful and more fully equipped for revealing truth and hope to our world."

Connections Pastor

"I have been both a participant and facilitator of REAL TALK and I can honestly say that there is nothing like it, especially in our Churches, today. It creates a space like no other, where, regardless if you are a leader or new to faith, you have a safe and authentic place to process, connect and heal from past trauma and wounds. I am grateful for this program. It has changed my life and our Church for the better!"

REAL TALK Participant

"I said things in our REAL TALK Every leader Group that I had never shared with anyone before. I didn't feel the shame anymore, though, I felt release and was met with love. All of our leadership team was able to talk about things that we didn't even realize were there because of the guidance and prompts of each session." 

Ministry Leader

"God spoke to my heart about things I thought I had worked through but revealed that there was more to uncover, process and heal. Although I thought I was going through “Real Talk” to gain tools to help others, I quickly learned that I had past circumstances I needed to address, process, and get healing for."

Senior Pastor

"We have been waiting for a tool like this. It gives us, as leaders, handles and language around topics we didn't know how to confront. It equips those with a heart around these issues to be able to help others, too. This is going to help our congregation and leaders open up and have a safe place to heal."

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